Our lightweight Altech Twin-Plank Clamps allow you to join together two Altech Supasafe Planks to form a twin-plank working platform that then enables a wider span.

Manufactured exclusively for use with Altech
Supasafe Planks, and a choice of Standard, Deluxe or Premium planks, Altech Twin-Plank Clamps are
compact and easy to use.

There are no bulky clamps over the plank surface to cause a tripping hazard.

Two Altech Twin-Plank Clamps along with two Supasafe Planks form a 450mm wide work platform with a 200kg Working Load Limit, enabling a maximum span of 4.75 metres. This conforms to Australian Standard AS 6001-1999.


Altech Twin-Plank Clamps are
simple to install

  1. Place two Altech Supasafe Planks side-by-side on trestle rungs at the required height.
  2. Slide two Altech Twin-Plank Clamps into position between the planks and space evenly across the span with bolt-heads upright.
  3. Tighten clamps with allen key provided, ensuring top and bottom curved clamp jaws are engaged with the planks’ corner ribs.
  4. The twin-plank working platform is ready to use.





Altech Supasafe Clamps should be positioned approximately 1/3 of the plank length in from the plank ends, and can easily be fitted with an allen key
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