The Altech Flexi Stool - Double is our unique solution to industry demand for a ‘mix and match’ stool system with a 450mm wide platform.

Altech Flexi Stools - Double have all the benefits of Flexi Stools - Economy, as well as the added advantage of a wider and safer platform.

A product of years of intensive research and development, this innovative product delivers total flexibility and superior functionality over any other work platform available today.

Designed for versatility, simply choose the most suitable combination of platform length and leg height that best suits the job.

All that’s needed is to slide two quick release detachable Flexi Legs - Double onto two Altech Supasafe Planks that are clamped together with a pair of Altech Twin-Plank Clamps. If a longer platform is needed, simply add a third Flexi Leg - Double to the system and create a work platform up to 6m long. Altech Flexi Legs are also designed to work with other plank brands, and come in Low, High and Ultra High sizes. They are fully height adjustable.


Options and Specifications

Options and Specifications
Low: 425mm-575mm
High: 550mm-800mm
Ultra High: 775mm-1100mm
Double-width platform: 450mm wide

For a single span platform: Use two Altech Supasafe Plank of any length from 1.25m to 5.0m & two twin-plank clamps along with two Altech Flexi Legs of the required

For a longer platform: Use an Altech Supasafe Plank length of 6m & two twinplank clamps along with three Altech Flexi Legs inserting one leg in the centre.

Altech Supasafe Flexi Legs can also be used with most other manufacturers’ planks.

Industrial duty rating. Working Load Limit: 200kg at a maximum span of 4.75m.

Exceeds Australian/New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1576.5-1995 Cl. 7

Altech Flexi Stool system with detachable legs bears Australian Patent No. 2008100429




Clamping bolt firmly secures the Flexi Leg to the plank
Dimpled special grade rubber feet for a firm grip.
Quick release and set leg clips provide fast height adjustment. Legs are fully height adjustable.


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