Our lightweight Altech Saw Horse Trestles allows you to create a safe, stable and sturdy trestle thats adjust to the lenght of timber you use.

Take a length of 90x45mm timber, ensuring that it will bear the maximum load of 150kg at the required span. Slide the Altech Saw Horse legs onto the 2 ends, making sure that the legs are at least 50mm in from the ends. Fix the legs into position by tightening the clamping bolts and the Saw Horse Trestle is now ready for use.


Altech Twin-Plank Clamps are
simple to install

2 platform heights - 750mm & 900mm
Other heights available on request

Max. load: 150kg

750mm - 2.15 kg / leg
900mm - 2.50 kg / leg

Timber not included

Conforms to Australian Standards
Australian Patent No. 2008100429
Manufactured in Australia





Tightening bolt to safely lock timber into place
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