One of Europe’s top-selling professional marking products is now available in Australia

Ingenuity and integrity are the hallmarks of Rialtech’s approach to servicing the access and marking needs of industry.

Rialtech is building on the success and proven results of our Altech access systems, which have been known and available to the construction industry for several years. Altech is a brand synonymous with outstanding performance; backed by intensive research and development, careful design and qualitycontrolled Australian manufacturing.

In line with our policy of ongoing service to industry, we are moving to meet a perceived demand for premium quality marking paints at a reasonable price. This new range of professional marking products marketed under our Riteline brand, exhibits the dedication to quality that Rialtech is known for.




Riteline quality and reliabilty of supply is underpinned by a strategic partnership that Rialtech have formed with a company who have been a leading supplier of marking paint in the UK for over 20 years. Our joint commitment ensures that only premium grade raw materials are used in Riteline marking paint aerosol products which are manufactured in dedicated plants in Asia and Europe.

At Rialtech, we believe that quality and safety should never be compromised, so we ensure the right grade of material is used for each application and all our access systems and marking products are manufactured to Australian standards and for Australian conditions.

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